360° Photos

We capture 360° high-resolution panoramas. Number of prestigious customers (see references) rely on our services for creating quality photos in demanding environments. Our works earned multiple prizes and awards, for ourselves, our projects and our clients. To ensure quality results, trust our unique experiences and assign your next 360° photo-shootings to our professional team, second to none.

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Examples of 360° photos



Hotel visit
360° room
Visit in 3D/360°
Visit hospital in 360°
Congress center
Better visibility
360° retail store
Show entire shop
Urban development
GIS 360° images
Pool Party
Event promotion
Golf and villas
360° ads brochure
Music concert hall
Promotion 2.0
Showcase restaurant

Use your mouse or direction pad to move the field-of-view to the right, left, up and down. Using the wheel and + / -, you can also zoom in and out of the image.

Overview of 360° technology

At globalvision we create high-quality 360° photos and allow our customers to enhance their existing website, impress audience and increase sales. Our panoramas are tailor-made for web, mobile applications and print. Horizontally and vertically the user can freely move his focus with a click on the mouse. It is the ideal way to showcase the spatial reality of an infrastructure, a landscape or an environment. Turn yourself and look around as if you were really on-site.

Panoramic capture system

Our 360° photo capture system allows to create high-definition panoramas for multimedia display and print. We also offer creation of high-dynamic range (HDR) images for optimizing the look of your facilities in dark areas. The creation of such images requires a professional DSLR and a special rotating tripod. Excluding the required time to arrange a scene, the necessary time for shooting a 360° photo range from 5 to 25 minutes, depending of the complexity of the scene. The pictures then go on a very rigorous post-processing phase with our graphic designers. 

Fields of use

360° immersive images can give your business a vital competitive advantage in the fields of architecture, hotel and tourism industry, as well as security, insurance and legal expertise.

We provide photo and virtual tour creation services for the following industries:

  • 360° photo for buildings and offices
  • 360° images for hotels and restaurants
  • Immersive scenes for museums and castles
  • Virtual panoramas for vacation villages
  • 360° pictures for exhibition and congress centers
  • Immersive 360° photos for casinos
  • Theme parks virtual tour creation

Available outputs

We create raw 360° images that can be exported to several formats and resolution, depending on your expected public and technical requirements. We can deliver 360° contents in the following output formats:

  • Flash: mostly intended for website integration
  • Java: for application that require this format
  • HTML5: for perfect Iphone / Ipad compatibility
  • .EXE: for creating secured virtual tours available offline
  • .AVI: to export the virtual tours in a movie format and play on TV/DVD

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