360° Videos


For 360° immersive video productions, globalvision has got a unique expertise to make your projects a success. Our omnidirectional videos are intended for web display and can also be projected on dome cinemas. Using an advanced technological hardware and software suite, we offer the creation of 360° video as a service. It allows yourself, your customers and your audiences to see the scenes under all angles, freely as if you were on-site.

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Examples of immersive 360° movies

Have a look at one of our recent interactive video, created for the Mozilla Foundation.


Technology showcase

The 360° photorealistic imaging capture technology has been deployed by our comapny for several years and for various private and high profile customers, making globalvision the leader in the European market. Not only do we offer an innovative technology, we also have a unique experience to benefit from.

The 360° immersive video allows for a new dimension: images become omnidrectionnal. As you display the video, the possibility exists to view it under every possible angle in 360° vertically and horizontally. The user is engaged and active in the space. He takes control by himself and operates his very own selection of the focus zone.

Fields of applications

Mainly targeted for web display, this new media transforms the way to promote your activity and allows for an original solution to showcase your strcture and differenciate from your competitors. Our interactive videos can be easily embedded online on a website, forum blog or offline on a DVD using simple and standard coding.

Applications can be seen in a wide range of industries, including entertainment, advertisement or security planning / scenarios. We offer various solutions adapted to each and everyone of these fields.

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