Presentation of our 360° Streetview panoramas capture capabilities

Automated street-level geo-panoramas (also known as "streetview creation" or "streetview GIS") is a new development in the Geo Information System (GIS) industry. With extensive experience in this field, globalvision collects, processes and delivers 360° streetview panoramas and 360° immersive videos associated with accurate GPS datasets for outdoors data collection.

Our services in this field are threefold: 

  • Consulting for 360° StreetView production (vehicle, system)
  • Capture of Streetview images in 360° photo or video
  • License on our management and viewing software

We offer the entire hardware and software suite for acquiring, processing, integrating and viewing your 360° streetview images project. Our streetview management software allows not only to integrate geo-referenced images, but also allows the positioning of images captured indoor, without GPS signal, in places such as tunnels, acquaduc and pipelines.

It has never been so easy to view your own custom streetview. With our streetview software you automatically have a viewer of immersive photos and videos, as well as a dynamic map. In this map, you can locate as many information as requested, from standard images to PDF/DOC/XLS files and hyperlinks. Everything is managed dynamically and can be handled by any number of administrators. The outcoming projects can be hosted online and available for the public or with restricted access on intranet (offline).

The quality of images is allowed for very high definition or can be adapted for online display. All of our original captures are shot at the original quality of 3500x1750 pixels and can be easily adapted, depending on project needs.

Custom streetview creation: contact-us

Field of use of Streetview technology

From industrial structures to large city mapping, our geo-panorama solution is the way to record landscape and integrate images in your GIS software (arcGIS or ESRI). Images are captured at high shutter speed and allows for accurate location display on the map at any given point. In a demanding environment, you can show, share and survey the all-surrounding environment from your desktop: it saves costs, spares time and increases efficiency in the decision-making process.

Immersive streetview creation is primarily intended for the followings: 

  • Oil and gas survey operations
  • Security management
  • Urban planning 
  • City mapping
  • Civilian engineering
  • Military surveying
  • Real estate

Mobile data mapping solution (Streetview car)

  StreetView mobile mapping vehicle used by globalvision

Our mobile mapping vehicle and solution is highly scalable. It can be easily adapted to your requirements and technical specs of your locations. When we capture outdoor images, we generally install the system on the roof, using a specially crafted aluminum structure. This system guarantees an excellent durability and reliability of the entire system.

All electronic components and recording hardware are installed inside the vehicle, so as to be easily controlled by the operator for routine operations. The electric power of the optical system and recording devices is provided by the car itself. So that the streetview captures can be captured uninterrupted for several hours and hundreds kilometers

World's first full-motion Video StreetView

The public website, launched in 2009, shows an example application of our custom streetview capture technology in 360° immersive video. This website displays 360° videos, a dynamic map including hotspots and many POI (points of interests) offering more information of the different categories of data. A dynamic research filter easily allows to sort the huge amount of data and get only the desired information and their position on the map. Wait no more and visit to get a better idea on how globalvision can help you make your very own custom streetview.

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